Why choose us?

We try to make the decision-making process as easy as we can by offering convenient hours, convenient venues for tutoring, and convenient payment methods. But, ultimately, we know that parents choose us because we provide the best results!

What are typical results on SAT Scores? Here are this past year's results for our students' SAT score increases:

Math:  Average Increase - 126 points
Reading and Writing:  Average Increase - 134 points

Combined Score:  Average Increase - 260 points

And what about ACT Scores?

English:  Average Increase - 4.8 points
Math:  Average Increase - 5.7 points
Reading:  Average Increase - 5.1 points
Science:  Average Increase - 4.5 points

Composite:  Average Increase - 5.1 points 

Artful Tutoring

What makes Artful Tutoring the best at what we do?

With 29 years of experience in the tutoring profession, we know these tests like no one else does. We have examined these tests minutely, and rigorously, and we have thoroughly analyzed the ins and the outs of test taking that most students are simply not aware of. And so, we know how to raise scores!

We don’t follow the one-size-fits-all approach that many tutoring companies do. We recognize that each of our students is unique, with a unique set of skills, and a unique learning style. For these reasons, we always custom-tailor our tutoring approach to fit our student.

Also, we are professionally certified. We are a member of the National Tutoring Association, the oldest, largest, and most prestigious organization in this country dedicated to the profession. We are certified as an NTA Tutor. Additionally, we are an ACT Certified Educator, a distinction that very, very few in this country share.