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So, what if you just want to study on your own, and not even get a tutor?

It is a doable proposition, especially for the student who is well-motivated.  You have to be very disciplined to make this work for you, but it can be done!

Of course, we would love to have your business, but if it’s just not in the cards, let us give you some free advice about the prep books you are going to be buying and using!

For SAT Students, here you go:

Artful Tutoring


Okay, so this is the real deal, right here.

You get 8 REAL tests.  No point in monkeying around with bogus tests. Use the REAL thing.  That’s what we always use.  Costs about $30, through the College Board online store. But less through Barnes and Noble or Amazon, right?


And make sure you don’t get the 2018 edition.  That has some older tests in it, and you can tell it apart from the right one because it has yellow, instead of white printing.

Artful Tutoring

This one.  Don’t buy it.  Some places still have it for sale (and probably shouldn’t!)

Now, What About ACT Students?

You have a couple of choices.  First there is this one:

Artful Tutoring

This one has got 5 complete tests in it, and that’s plenty of work for most students.  It’s about $35, if you go through the ACT.

But, if you really, really, really want a lot of tests, then spring for this thing:

Artful Tutoring

Oh yeah!  Here you go.  This thing has got the same 5 tests, plus 2 more on line, plus 2,400 additional questions, which is approximately equal to about 12 tests!  So, yeah, the equivalent of 19 tests, give or take.

If you want practice, this is the way to go.  More money, though.  About $60 from the ACT.  And even more, if you’re Canadian, eh?