SAT Test Prep

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Well, well. Even though the ACT is the number one test in the United States, the SAT still rules supreme in the DMV.

Whereas the participation rate for Virginia high school students on the ACT rose to an all-time high of 24% in 2018, for the SAT, that figure remains at 68%. That’s about a 3:1 ratio, in favor of the SAT.

So, we have lots of test prep options for you!

One-2-One Tutoring ©

When your goal is to maximize scores, there is no better way to do SAT Prep than One-2-One Tutoring. One-2-One Tutoring is always customized to fit your needs. We focus on the areas that need the most help. And, we can not only customize the curriculum, we can find a time (any time!) and a place (your house!) that suits your busy schedule, perfectly. We offer the maximum in flexibility, and we deliver the maximum in test results. Pick the plan the works best for you!

Session Length – 2.0 hours
A) Cost per Single Session – $195

B) Cost for 10 Session Package – $1750
(Saves $200 over Single Session Price)

C) Cost for 16 Session Package – $2720
(Save $400 over Single Session Price)

Private Group Sessions

If you have one or two friends that also need SAT Test Prep, this might be a great option for you. It’s friendly and it’s fun, and it will bring the price down, as well. We meet for a little bit longer than One-2-One, but we get the same amount of work done, or close to it! Sessions last for two and a half hours, and I’ll meet you in your home. Also, it’s perfectly fine with me if we need to flip-flop from your house to your friends’ houses!
Session Length – 2.5 hours.
Cost per Session with two students – $125 for each student.
Cost per Session with three students – $100 for each student.