Important Calendar Dates

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So, what’s coming up ahead?

What’s on the calendar for the rest of the 2019-20 school years?

2020 ACT Test Dates

February 8th – ACT TEST, Registration Deadline January 10

April 4th – ACT TEST, Registration Deadline February 28

June 13th – ACT TEST, Registration Deadline May 8

July 18th – ACT TEST, Registration Deadline June 19

You can register for any of these tests here.

2020 SAT Test Dates

March 14th – SAT TEST, Registration Deadline February 14

May 2nd – SAT TEST, Registration Deadline April 3

June 6th – SAT TEST, Registration Deadline May 8

Registration information for these tests can be found here.


Okay, here are some very important dates. These dates are stuffed with goat cheese, and then wrapped in bacon and baked.

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Seems to me that these would be perfect for a late night study snack.

You might have some questions about how many times to take the test. We talk often to a lot of admissions personnel, and the answer we get is that there are no such things as too many times or, you might want to know when a good time to start preparing is.

The easy answer is this.  The more preparation you have, the better you will do on the test. Give us a call, and we’ll give you good advice about your specific situation.